Entertainment PR Success

Potential clients of the entertainment business.
Potential clients of the entertainment business.

Glitz and glam, the entertainment business is a demanding field, which requires publicists to spend an immense amount of time on projects and events. It’s also a hard field to break into and publicists are not always at glamorous parties or red carpet events. Sometimes, they are simply walking in 5 inch heels getting coffee for their boss.


It seems that most PR pros can agree on the following tips to make it in the entertainment world:

  • Build a backbone: The business is hard and most jobs will be fetching coffee or filing papers. So PR pros have to do the mediocre work before anything truly exciting happens.
  • Take pride in your work: If you don’t, then who will? Clients want to know you are capable and passionate about your job. So don’t write your name with a Sharpie on gift bags.
  • Build good rapport: A lot of the business is word-of-mouth. Build good relationships with your clients because that client could land you your next big break or job. It’s good to maintain these relationships in case you need a good reference, too.

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